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Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth
Chapter 235 - Prev Chapter Background Light gray Light blue Light yellow Sepia Dark blue Dark yellow Wood grain White Font family Palatino Linotype Segoe UI Roboto Roboto Condensed Patrick Hand Noticia Text Times New Roman Verdana Tahoma Arial Font size 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 Line hieght 100% 120% 140% 160% 180% 200% Full frame Yes No No line breaks Yes No Next Chapter Chapter 235: Be a Good Person Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Su Fei looked at the comments online and instantly felt upset. She had thought that she would be able to find some comments that praised her. For example, for Lin Yin, she, a daughter of a rich family, would lower herself to apologize. Even if it turned out to be a trap in the end, it couldn’t cover up her kindness to Lin Yin. She was kind-hearted. However, those netizens seemed to be blind. They only saw the video where the Jia Family said that she was stupid and gullible. Su Fei was so angry that she threw her phone onto the bed, her eyes red. It was this Lin Yin. Lin Yin must have returned and snatched her good luck. In the past, such praise had always belonged to her, but now, it was snatched away by Lin Yin. This matter quickly came to an end, but the punishment for the Jia Family was not small. The total donation from the Jia Family this time exceeded 1 million yuan. Since Jia Qing was really clueless at that time, other than her, the other three were each sentenced to a year in prison. As tor the 500,000 yuan that the Su Family had given her, Lin Yin directly suggested that they sue them for extortion. At that time, in the extortion video, there were only the three members of the Jia Family and Jia Qing escaped again. At the same time, Jia Rong was exposed for molesting a nurse and for various previous molestation and attempted rape. As for Jia Qing, she was expelled from the school. Lu Yan looked at the happy scene and asked sneakily, “Yinyin, you were so calm and composed before. Did you already have victory in your hands and have been hiding it from me?” Lin Yin said awkwardly, “That’s not the case. We just happened to have some evidence. ” In her previous life, Jia Rong had provoked a shrewish woman and was beaten up for his attempted molestation. It was exposed online and many women reported him, including the nurse in the video. At that time, this girl reported it with her real name, and it spread like wildfire. For this, Jia Qing even begged her to fork out a lot of money to pull strings. Now, Jia Rong deserved it. “Yinyin is still the best,” Yang Xue praised sincerely. Lu Yan also said proudly, “Of course. Yinyin is the best.” At this moment, Jia Qing had returned to her dilapidated house. Of the four people in the house, three had been captured. Now, it was cold and desolate. Her home was gone. No, she had never had a home. Now, she didn’t even have a future and she was penniless. She had clearly not done anything wrong. She just wanted to live well like a normal person. Why was there nothing in the end? “Sister Qing, you’re back?” Suddenly, a boy’s voice came from outside the door. Jia Qing looked back. It was Dong Dong, a child who lived in this slum with her. Jia Qing waved at Dong Dong. “Come here.” Dong Dong came over with a smile on his face. In the past, when he could not find Sister Yinyin, he would come here to look for her. However, he usually did not dare to come in because Sister Qing’s father was very fierce and knew how to hit people like his father. Therefore, every time he came, he would hide opposite and watch secretly. When Sister Yinyin came out, he would suddenly jump out and scare her. However, Sister Yinyin had said that Sister Qing’s father had once given her half a steamed bun, so in his heart, she should be considered a good person. “Sister Qing, have you eaten?” Dong Dong blinked and asked. Jia Qing shook her head and looked at the boy in front of her. This was the boy Lin Yin had taken good care of in the past. Dong Dong took out a steamed bun from his pocket and said, “Then this is for you. I just bought it.’ Then, he looked to the side. Seeing that there was no one, he took out half a roast duck from the pocket of his coat and handed it to Jia Qing with a smile. “This is for you too.” Jia Qing’s gaze landed on the steamed bun and roasted duck. She asked indifferently, “Who bought this for you?” Dongdong only had a lazy father at home, so it could be said that Dongdong did not have three meals a day. In the past, Lin Yin would help this little boy. Now that Lin Yin was gone, he was just a child. Where did he get this food? “I didn’t buy it. A kind-hearted person gave it to me.” Dong Dong’s small face was filled with innocence. As she spoke, Dong Dong handed the steamed bun in her hand to Jia Qing. He had heard that Sister Qing’s family had been captured. Now, Sister Qing was the only one left in the house. She was so pitiful. In the past, when he had nothing to eat, Sister Yinyin would always bring him delicious food. Therefore, he had to be a good person like Sister Yinyin.. Prev Chapter Next Chapter Report chapter Comments Use arrow keys (or A / D) to PREV/NEXT chapter