After Her Engagement Annulled, the Weak Rich Daughter Becomes a Big Shot!

Chapter 156 - Chapter 156: Breaking Up

Chapter 156: Breaking Up

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Other than Robert, no one else knew what Joseph was planning. Therefore, the Smith family was confused about Joseph’s sudden suicide. They didn’t know what had happened.

Therefore, when they saw Joline and Edwin, they immediately put down their infighting and welcomed them warmly.

Obviously, they knew very well that after the Smith family lost Joseph, their family would be scattered. If there was anyone who could keep their previous status and bright lives, it would be the Anderson family.

However, when Robert was brought in with his hands tied up, their fantasies were immediately shattered.

Joline listed out the things Joseph had done in the dark.

She had trusted Joseph before, so even though some things were suspicious, Joline had never suspected Joseph. However, when the trust filter was broken, all the suspicions in the past came to the surface, exposing everything that had been hidden in the dark.

Also, before Joseph ended his life, perhaps he wanted to seek more forgiveness from Joline, so he took the initiative to tell her a lot of things.

Every time the Smith family heard about what Joseph had done, they would shrink in size. In the end, there was only fear in their hearts. Even the less courageous ones had already knelt down and begged for mercy.

There was no trace of mercy on Joline’s face. “Since Joseph took everything on and gave you a chance to live, I’ll fulfill my promise and spare your lives.” To be honest, Joline was too lazy to deal with such good-for-nothing people. As for Robert, her cold eyes fell on him. “My promise is still valid.”

Robert, who had thought that he would not be able to survive, heard her words, and his eyes lit up with hope. However, Joline’s next words sent him straight to h*ll.

“I can spare you from death, but you can’t escape punishment. For the rest of your life, you can just lie on the bed and atone for your sins.”

As soon as she gave the order, a bodyguard came up with a long dagger and cut off the tendons of his hands and feet in front of everyone. The sound of him being slaughtered echoed throughout the entire house.

Everyone was so scared that they fell to the ground, but Joline didn’t even move her eyebrows. She just stared at the murals on the wall. These things that represented the Smith family’s glory had lost their glory.

Behind her, Robert wriggled his body and struggled desperately. The bodyguard took out a baseball bat and hit him hard on the back.

Everyone heard the sound of bones breaking, and Robert immediately stopped struggling. He was thrown to the ground like a broken mop, and only his heavy breathing showed that he was still alive.

Edwin, who was leaning against the door, sneered in his heart. He had broken his spine and couldn’t even use his third leg. Let’s see how he would continue to persecute girls in the future.

He shifted his gaze from Robert to the Smith’s sons. “If you think that today’s lesson is too light, then if you have the guts, you can try other ways to die.”

This was the first thing he said when he arrived at the Smith’s house, but it was the most terrifying sentence for the Smith family. Everyone avoided his gaze.

On the way back, Joline shed her cold and hard shell, revealing the fatigue of a 60-year-old woman. She rubbed her forehead and looked at Edwin with a pained and apologetic look.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. That’s why you have to suffer so much for no reason.” To Joline, the incident that almost caused Edwin’s death a few years ago was a pain in her life. She didn’t expect Joseph to be behind that incident.

She finally understood why Edwin had been so cold to Joseph and the Smith family in the past few years. He must have found out a lot of things behind the scenes, but he didn’t reveal them because he was worried about her.

It was only when Joseph and the others dared to lay their hands on Caroline and touched Edwin’s sore spot that he finally acted up.

Thinking of this, Joline was obviously defeated. “I’m getting older and more confused.” That was why Edwin had to be restrained..

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