Chapter 1088: Second Resurrection

Chapter 1088: Second Resurrection

Everyone looked toward the direction where Thordan disappeared, leaving them in a daze. Seeing Thordan flying like that was the last thing that crossed their mind. The fight they expected never happened as the Greeny Village's guest killed Thordan with two kicks. They believed Thordan should be dead by now; there was no way the Thorny Village's Chief survived that. Even if Thordan survived, the man must have suffered a heavy injury, and he was the easiest target for the predator in the woods.         

"What are you waiting for? Do you want to get kicked too?" Tang Shaoyang spoke to the Thorny Village's villagers who followed Thordan here. The voice snapped them back to reality, and they looked toward the black-haired man in terror. There was no need for them to guess; the black-haired man was not someone they should touch.     

Without any words, the bandits turned around and ran as fast as possible. Some of them even fell, but they got up and dashed away from the village without looking back. They were terrified to even look back.     

Cheers rang in the air as the Greeny Village's villagers celebrated their first win against the bandit. Those bandits had bullied them for years, and this was the first time they ran between their tails. The villagers were jubilant, and one young man started to chant Tang Shaoyang's name.     

"Sir Tang!" "Sir Tang!" "Sir Tang!"     

From one person to two persons, then the whole villagers chanted his name, including the Village Chief, Urun. The Village Chief even had tears in his eyes, but he quickly wiped those tears.     

"Enough! Enough!" Chief Urun raised his hand and stopped his people. "Sir Tang just arrived in our village, and he needs some rest. Let him return to his room and keep your noise down."     

The whole village stopped cheering, and the euphoric atmosphere suddenly turned quiet. They listened to the Village Chief attentively. It was to the point that the villagers stopped breathing. Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang fled from the scene before the situation got even more awkward.     

Tang Shaoyang stayed in the village for two days, barely leaving the village. The villagers treated him as a royal guest, and everything was served to him. Even Chief Urun tried to send two virgins at night to his room, but he refused them. Not that he did not like women or was stressed out with his current situation, anything else, the deed would help him to return the mood. However, he just did not want to ruin the two girls because he would not take responsibility for them.     

Of course, he was not idle in the last two days. He blended in with the natives and also gathered the necessary information for his next move. He had asked Chief Urun about the dangerous areas near the village. The native seemed not to know the term resource, so he asked them about the dangerous area.     

Chief Urun and the other villagers mentioned three dangerous areas near the village. Today, he would go to the closest dangerous area with the same young man who picked him up when those bandits appeared. The young man was an orphan because his parents died fighting those bandits. Thanks to him, who drove away and killed their Chief, the young man admired and worshiped Tang Shaoyang.     

"What's your name?" The silence was too awkward for Tang Shaoyang, so he opened up a conversation. Even though the young man had been following for two days, he did not know the young man's name.     

"My name is Areth, Sir," Areth replied readily.     

Tang Shaoyang was about to ask for other things, but Areth cut him first. "We have arrived at the dangerous area, Sir."     

They arrived at the cliff, and the young man pointed down to the cliff. He was surprised to find a settlement below there. However, it was not a human settlement but Rock Lizardman. As the name implies, the Rock Lizardman's scales were made of hard red stone. Of course, he found something interesting within the lizardman.     

The common lizardmen was made of red stone, but Epic Rank Rock Lizardman had a bright red crystal on the back. He even discovered the Ancient Rank, the strongest among the lizardmen. The Ancient Rank Rock Lizardman had three red crystals on its back. The glistening crystal looked like a luxurious item.     

The most interesting part, there were three Treasure Chests in the middle of the altar. There was a crude platform in the middle of the settlement, and he discovered three Treasure Chests in the middle of the altar. One of the treasure chests glowed in blue, and the remaining two treasure chests glowed in white. One Epic Treasure Chest and two Grade 1 Treasure Chests. However, the chest was chained by mana, and he could see the chain with his Dragon Eyes.     

"Alright, you can go back to the village. It will take a while to clear them all, so you should head back instead of waiting for me here." Tang Shaoyang told the young man to return. The distance from here to the village was not that far, and he had cleared the danger on the way.     

However, Areth did not leave. "Sir! Please teach me how to be strong, Sir Tang! I want to be strong like you. Please teach me, Sir Tang?" He fell on his knees, kneeling until his forehead touched the ground. The young man finally managed to speak what was inside his heart, his real purpose following Tang Shaoyang.     

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brow, looking down at the kneeling young man. This was totally different from what happened back at the Ortis Continent, where he could give people a Class Scroll and nurture him or her. The situation was totally different, vastly different. For example, Areth was just level 8.     

Even if he decided to agree with the request, it would be extremely hard to teach the natives how to fight. He needed to spoon-feed them everything. First, the monster and the beast were at least at level 700+. He needed to beat the monster and let them get the kill. That was the only way for the natives to break the shackle of being weak, and that would take a lot of effort and also time. He did not have that much time because he was on a timer too.     

Second, there was no monster or beast that could help them to gain an actual experience in combat. Learning how to fight against a monster at level 700+ was a suicide, meaning the natives needed special care if he decided to nurture them. Which, again, he did not have the time for.     

Third, the natives really did not have any use for him aside from the tool to gain information about the resource. He would rather summon a new skeleton instead of the natives. The skeleton had a battle instinct because they were born to fight. The skeletons were more efficient than the natives, and they did not speak.     

However, looking at how determined the young man was, a simple rejection would not make the young man stop. Areth was the type that would not give up even if he told the young man how hard it was. The tactic to face the young man was to delay the answer instead of giving the young man an answer.     

"I will think about it. I don't really have time to teach anyone, but I will think about it for now. Please return to the village for now." Tang Shaoyang gave his answer, giving the young man a little bit of hope.     

"Yes, Sir." The young man stood and replied excitedly. He listened to Tang Shaoyang and turned around.         

[Why don't you just tell them the answer immediately? You are giving him a false promise.] His spirits questioned his decision.     

"That type of person is the persistent bunch. He will not give up just because I refused him once. Tonight or maybe tomorrow, he would come at me and do the same thing. I already have a handful of problems in my hand, so I am not going to deal with him for a while." Tang Shaoyang shook his head.     

"Now, we are outside the village. Are you ready for the resurrection, Zowen?" He shifted the topic. He had recovered Spirit Energy and even doubled the number. With the two hundred thousand of Spirit Energy, he could resurrect the two spirits. Being the third spirit he had ever contracted, Zowen was the next on the line after Zaneos. The third was supposed to be Rumru, the Black Dragon, but Rumru's spirit was still sealed. He had a way to unlock the seal until he got back to Rumru's world, so Zowen was the next spirit.     

[I am ready!] The excitement was clear in her voice.     

Tang Shaoyang activated [Spirit Resurrection], consuming a hundred thousand of Spirit Energy. A cloud storm formed right before him. Of course, it was just a small black cloud storm, around three meters. Twenty seconds later, a figure in a blue robe came out of the cloud storm.     

Zowen's eyes were sparkling as she looked at her own hands. She could not believe that she had come back alive. Different from the other spirits who had died a long time ago. Zowen was considered a new spirit, so it was unreal that he came alive, as the memory of her dying was still vivid in her head.     

"Tch." She clicked her tongue not long after. "I bring my favorite robe, but not my beloved staff." Not long after, she tried to run, dance, and jump around. She tried to feel what it was like being alive again, and her face showed how excited she was.     

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