Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 66 - Chapter 66: Junior Brother, Please Don’t Make Any Great Contribution Again

Chapter 66: Junior Brother, Please Don’t Make Any Great Contribution Again

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Jiang Hao felt that the whole situation was absurd.

Others tried hard not to end up on the Law Enforcement Hall’s suspects list.

Meanwhile, he was here trying to make sure he remained on their suspect list. He had Yan Hua to thank for letting him stay on that list.

“Senior Brother Liu,” said Jiang Hao. “I wanted to ask something… what kind of punishment does the Law Enforcement Hall allot for offenses?”

“Punishments?” Liu Xingchen was confused. “Offenders are usually sent to the Lawless Tower.”

“Other than that?” Jiang Hao asked.

“Most of the time the punishments are handled by the main branches of the sect themselves. The Law Enforcement Hall doesn’t interfere with everything unless it has something to do with the sect as a whole, or if the main branches cannot handle it. Only grave offenders are sent to the Lawless Tower.”

“Will the Law Enforcement Hall punish people for mining without a permit?” Jiang Hao asked.

“No… the Law Enforcement Hall doesn’t get involved with small matters like that. Unusually, they handle cases like murders and traitors in the sect.”

Jiang Hao nodded. It seemed he needed to ask the Cliff Master for help once again.

“Junior Brother Jiang, you’re in the middle stage of the Foundation

Establishment Realm, right?”

“Yes.” Jiang Hao was puzzled. “Is something wrong?”

Liu Xingchen shook his head. “You’re in your early twenties?”

Jiang Hao nodded.

“You have the potential of becoming a formidable disciple, but you have been involved in serious cases many times. You were somehow found connected to traitors in one way or another. The Cliff of Broken Hearts might not really be willing to take you in and train you. Also, you are on the suspect list of the Law Enforcement Hall. You’d better be careful, Junior Brother Jiang.”

Jiang Hao understood him. When he had informed his Cliff Master after killing a traitor, his master had kept quiet despite finding out that he was in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. The Cliff Master might not have wanted to be involved.

However, he was afraid of leaving the sect because too many people wanted him dead. So, being on the suspect list gave him a little protection.

It was better to live as an inner disciple. The Cliff Master definitely wouldn’t accept him after being associated with another traitor anyway. It was far too risky to train under a master.

“I need to leave now. Take care, Junior Brother Jiang. Please remember, you’re still a suspect.” Liu Xingchen. “Until we find Yan Hua, you might remain as our suspect, no matter how long it takes.”

Liu Xingchen turned to leave and stopped. “Also, please don’t make any great contributions that might remove you from the list.”

Jiang Hao was speechless. “I understand.”

The recommendation and praises from Manlong were really unexpected. He had only used one Ten Thousand Swords Talisman hoping it would fail. Who would have thought it would work so well?

“Oh right… Xuanyuan Tai has been captured,” said Liu Xingchen before walking toward the mine. “The Blackheaven Sect will surely notice you now.”

Jiang Hao was stumped. He had used one talisman, and his life was now in ruins! He shook his head and left the mine.

He couldn’t linger here. Jiang Hao hoped that he could somehow convince his teacher to assign him the task of mining.

For now, he needed to head back and check on the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. It had been a month since he had been assigned to the mine. He had neglected it long enough.

The spirit beast lay down lazily in the courtyard in front of Jiang Hao’s house. Its stomach growled while it stared at the tempting flower.

The Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower had a unique smell. It wanted to bite and savor it.

It opened its mouth wide and then shrank back. “No… no. The master will be back. He’ll punish me!” It stared at the appetizing flower. “But…”

It stuck its tongue out. “Just a lick…”

However, before it could try anything, a saber pressed its tongue down to the ground.

The spirit beast was terrified. It struggled but couldn’t free its tongue.

“What’s happening?” Jiang Hao asked sternly.

The spirit beast couldn’t respond. It was still struggling to free its tongue. Jiang Hao slowly raised his saber from its tongue.

The spirit beast checked to make sure its tongue was fine. “Master… I wasn’t doing anything. I saw that there was some dust on the leaf, so I was trying to clean it.”

“Do you want to bet that on your life?” asked Jiang Hao.

If the spirit beast tried anything stupid with the flower, he would be in trouble, too. No one knew what that woman was capable of. She was a demoness, after all.

“If I see your tongue anywhere near that flower…” Jiang Hao left it at that. His intention was clear.

He walked away and pushed the tip of the Half-Moon Blade into the soil. The blade was full of cracks. It couldn’t be used anymore. He needed another saber. This one couldn’t withstand the Seven Forms of Heavenly Blade techniques anymore.

The spirit beast was frightened. It cowered in a corner.

“Did anyone come here in the past few days while I was away?” asked Jiang Hao as he walked to the wooden chair.

“My reputation as a beast is formidable. Who would dare come here and disturb your place, Master?” The spirit beast jumped onto a chair opposite Jiang Hao.

Jiang Hao stared at the sharp-tongued beast.

The spirit beast panicked. “One person did,” it said, “Someone called Ming Yi came here looking for you.”

“What did she want?” asked Jiang Hao.

“She just said it was a pity you weren’t here, and that she would visit next time.”

Jiang Hao was deep in thought. ‘Fairy Ming Yi from the Heavenly Saint Sect… Did she come to find me because of Yan Hua?’

Jiang Hao got up and left to find Mu Qi and the Cliff Master. He had to inform them that he couldn’t go back to the mines for a few days and that he was back to tend the Spirit Herb Garden.

At the Hundred Flowers Lake, Baizhi knelt in front of Hong Yuye. She was covered in scars and bruises.

Hong Yuye was standing by the lake, feeding the fish. “Any updates on the Azure Mountain’s matter?”

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