Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1179: News Spread (1)

Chapter 1179: News Spread (1)

Wei Da Kingdom had fallen.         

Such an astounding piece of news could never be hidden.     

There were a total of 6 big kingdoms in the entire land. And now, one of the six big kingdoms had fallen. It would be impossible for other kingdoms not to pay any attention to this matter.     


"So, they have won, huh?" Prime Minister Lei looked in the direction of Wei Da Kingdom as ruthlessness flashed within his eyes. He had been trying to go there, but General Wei was hindering his movement, not allowing him to make a move in the slightest bit.     

This had restricted his movement.     

Even the other generals and commanders who were sent were blocked by the barricade that Fei Yang Kingdom had set up to prevent Zhang Xu Kingdom stopping them from taking over Wei Da Kingdom.     

Fei Yang Kingdom's move had been planned.     

And it was not something recent, but instead something they had done for several years as they pushed their border deeper. This had allowed them to be able to gain the advantage at the intersection to gather more soldiers and prevent Zhang Xu Kingdom from interfering.     

Prime Minister Lei disliked them.     

But he respected them as opponents.     

There were not many people who could fight against him head on and still managed to survive in one piece. General Wei was one of the few people who managed to do so successfully for several years.     

"The good news is that the second prince of Wei Da Kingdom, Prince Wei Da Lang, is still alive and currently staying at the northern border of Wei Da Kingdom and Fan Yi Kingdom under General Kai."     

"That's hardly a good news." Prime Minister Lei shook his head.     

General Kai was not the most loyal general that Wei Da Kingdom had. Putting the second prince with him, he will be under pressure of either reviving Wei Da Kingdom again or just give up and join Fei Yang Kingdom.     

From what Prime Minister Lei knew in regards to General Kai, he was more likely to give up and join other forces.     

As a prime minister who made his own way to the top, he was very keen at detecting people's nature and made use of their heart. It was thanks to this that he was able to rise and become powerful.     

But it doesn't mean that he was invincible.     

There were still many things that he lacked.     

In his regards to the people of Wei Da Kingdom, they just looked peaceful on the surface but the generals under them were not completely loyal. When he saw this many years ago when he paid a visit, he chose not to stay in Wei Da Kingdom.     

Besides, watching Wei Da Kingdom fall, Prime Minister Lei also knew how hard it would be for them to grow again.     

Fei Yang Kingdom had been rising for many years.     

They were not just a small kingdom but already a kingdom whose territory was comparable to Shi Long Kingdom, the biggest one among the six of them.     

For Prince Wei Da Lang to go against the big behemoth of Fei Yang Kingdom, more than a miracle is necessary. That man also didn't seem to have the qualification to realize such an impossible dream.         

Prime Minister Lei waved his hand. "Focus on the building progress. No matter what, we can't let Fei Yang Kingdom have it easy."     


Prime Minister Lei looked in the direction of Fei Yang Kingdom and snorted. The one who had the dream of conquering the other 5 kingdoms is not only Emperor Yang Zhou. However, who will win the end is still unknown.     

The game is still ongoing.     

He will never give up until the very last moment because he had a promise he had to fulfill to His Majesty.     


"Oh, such a piece of good news and everyone is feeling troubled?" Qi Kan Tian looked at the officials below him and let out a faint laugh. He already had the feeling that Emperor Yang Zhou would make his move sooner or later.     

Who would have thought that the brat would move this quickly?     

But Fei Yang Kingdom had already grown stronger over the past years and the younger generations had started to mature. Being tempered in the real war, they would show their worth sooner or later.     

Qi Kan Tian was not worried about them at all.     

"Your Majesty, that's…"     

"What is it?" Qi Kan Tian glanced at his ministers and seeing their faces full of hesitation, he knew that these people were worried that they would be targeted.     

With Wei Da Kingdom's fall, they would border Fei Yang Kingdom directly.     

To be exact, Fei Yang Kingdom will border all five other big kingdoms.     

"There's no need to worry so much. As long as we prepare some precaution, we should be able to survive in our small territory."     

Small territory?     

The ministers bowed their head and the older ones felt ashamed. When Qi Xi Kingdom fell into predicament many years ago, they were the ministers here and had watched the glorious Qi Xi Kingdom fell to this state.     

Now they had to worry about this and that, which added more of their workload.     

Not to mention, they didn't know when other kingdom would eye them again.     

It was tiring.     

And as the people who was present during that time and also assisted the former emperor, they all felt ashamed.     

Qi Kan Tian watched his ministers and felt a bit bored. There was no use feeling remorse for something that had already passed so many years ago. "Just make sure that the kingdom operated as normal, I don't want to hear any trouble."     

"Yes, Your Majesty!"         

"We will do it, Your Majesty!"     

"Good." Qi Kan Tian rubbed his chin. "The matter of war can be put on hold. Focus on defense and kingdom's improvement."     

"Yes, Your Majesty!"     

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