I Became A Hit After My Divorce!

Chapter 356 - Chapter 356: Kindred Spirits

Chapter 356: Kindred Spirits

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How could Le Yao sit still and let her hit her? She raised her hand and grabbed the other party’s wrist. “Auntie, you’re old. You have to be careful. Don’t touch me for no reason. If you fall…” Then, she pushed the other party out. “It’ll be troublesome. After all, you don’t have insurance, right? The country won’t help you pay for your medical fees.”

Fortunately, Shan Huaming supported He Rong from behind. Otherwise, she would definitely have fallen.

However, Le Yao pouted because the other party’s assets made her feel too inferior.

“Han Binglan, you…” He Rong, who had stabilized herself, screamed angrily. Instantly, it attracted the attention of everyone around them.

“He Rong, who asked you to come?” Coincidentally, a few people walked in at this moment. The leader was Nangong Rongyao. When he saw He Rong, his face turned green.

“My son’s father is here. I can’t come?” He Rong’s attention was immediately attracted and she couldn’t be bothered with Le Yao.

Le Yao took a few steps back and continued to fill her stomach as she watched the show with her plate.

“You have a good mentality.” A person walked over and stood beside Le Yao.

“Of course.” Le Yao glanced at Hao Kai. “Don’t you have a good mentality too?” As she spoke, she pouted at the Hao family.

Hao Kai reached out and took a piece of cake from Le Yao’s plate. He took a bite. “So, Sister Lan, we’re kindred spirits.”

Le Yao smiled and patted the other party’s head. “Yes, kindred spirits.”

On the other hand, Nangong Rongyao was successfully angered by He Rong’s words. However, before he could raise his voice, he was comforted by Wen Jia. In the end, he could only glare fiercely at He Rong, wishing he could skin her alive.

“Young Lady He, if there’s anything private, can we talk about it later?” Wen Jia’s expression was calm and dignified. “I believe you don’t want the He family to be on the news today, right?”

He Rong wanted to say something, but in the end, she compromised. Indeed, the He family was her last resort, and the reason why she could attend the banquet was because her father had said that if she dared to smear the He family’s name again, he would remove her from the He family. Even her grandfather, who had been in charge for a long time, had specially called her, so she had to be afraid.

Wen Jia smiled and held Nangong Rongyao’s arm as they walked straight to the stage in front. The banquet was about to begin. They had to give a speech as the hosts.

Of course, Nangong Xun and Nangong Shuangshuang were beside them. There were also people from the second branch. Although Nangong Jue had also gone over, his position was especially remote. Even the people from the second branch were ahead of him.

However, it was obvious that Nangong Jue didn’t care at all. He stood there with a calm expression, as if the situation in front of him had nothing to do with him.

He Rong was angry, but she suddenly realized that no one here could stand up for her.

Shan Huaming naturally wouldn’t let go of this good opportunity. He pulled her along and finally made her laugh.

Le Yao looked at all of this and praised Wen Jia. Not to mention whether this person was good or bad, just her magnanimity and methods of handling things were probably ten times better than He Rong’s.

As for Shan Huaming… Even if she didn’t know how to read fortunes, she could tell that he was up to no good. Only a big-breasted and brainless fool like He Rong couldn’t tell..

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