I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: I Think He’s Just a Dog!

Chapter 91: I Think He’s Just a Dog!

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Qin Yuan looked at Fatty Zhang, whose face was bruised and swollen, and felt very helpless. In the past, as long as this kid was prepared to fight, he would first report his father’s name. He did not know how many times he had been beaten up by his father because of this.

“Boss! It really is you! Didn’t you join the army? Why are you back?” “And boss, why didn’t you tell me you were back!”

Fatty looked at Qin Yuan in front of him and laughed excitedly, not caring about his bloated face at all.

“Brother Fatty Zhang? It really is you! Brother Fatty Zhang, are you alright?”

Miao Xiaoxiao saw that Qin Yuan had dealt with all of them, so she ran straight to Qin Yuan and the other man. When she walked in, she saw that the fatty was really the Brother Fatty Zhang that she was familiar with. Seeing that the fatty was beaten up like this, Miao Xiaoxiao’s tears flowed down as she asked worriedly.

“Xiaoxiao? Why are you here?”

Fatty Zhang asked curiously when he saw that Miao Xiaoxiao was also there.

“Brother Qin Yuan brought me out shopping. As soon as I arrived here, I saw you getting beaten up by them! These people were too despicable. Fortunately, Brother Qin Yuan beat them up.” Miao Xiaoxiao looked at Young Master Jiang and the others angrily.

“I’m fine! I was just beaten up by them. With Boss around, I don’t panic at all.”

Fatty said to Miao Xiaoxiao with a smile. Before Qin Yuan went to the military academy, it was Qin Yuan who led them to fight. There was no one in this area that their military compound did not dare to fight. After Qin Yuan went to the military academy, they calmed down slightly. Who knew that he would be beaten up here today?

“You brat! If there is a chance, you should join the army! If you continue like this, you’ll be fat to death! If it wasn’t for Xiaoxiao, I wouldn’t have known it was you! Besides, when did the people of our quad get beaten up like this? You’re the first one.’

Qin Yuan lectured Fatty unhappily. He had never been bullied like this before he went to the military school.

“Boss! I came to this gym to lose weight! The old man wanted me to sign up for this year’s conscription and asked me to come here to lose weight. Who knew that I would bump into them!” Fatty was a little embarrassed by Qin Yuan’s words.

“Right! Where was Wu He? Why are you the only one here?”

As he spoke, Qin Yuan thought of Wu He, who was once one of the iron triangle of their courtyard, and asked.

“Him? Last year, he was arranged to study abroad. This kid is smart and went to do some scientific research.”

Hearing Fatty’s words, Qin Yuan instantly recalled their iron triangle. Wu He was their useless strategist! His brain was indeed good. Every time they made a mistake, it could think of a good excuse to give their family. Otherwise, Qin Yuan and the others would have been beaten up by their grandfathers.

“Yes! That’s not bad! Kid, try to enlist this year! The army is really a good place.”

“Besides, you can’t even defeat a few of them. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Fatty felt ashamed when he heard Qin Yuan’s words. In the past few years, his weight had increased from 180 pounds to almost 300 pounds.

“Boss! I know!”

While Qin Yuan and the others were talking, a few cars poured into the underground parking lot. A few burly men got out of a Toyota with steel pipes and baseball bats in their hands.

A middle-aged man with a scar on his face walked out under the protection of a few underlings. A group of people instantly got out of a few cars and surrounded Qin Yuan and the others.

When Young Master Jiang saw the middle-aged man with a scar on his face, he got up from the ground excitedly.

“Brother Tu Bao! Why did you only come now? I was almost beaten to death by this kid!”

Faced with Young Master Jiang’s resentment, the middle-aged man immediately explained.

“Young Master Jiang! After receiving your call, I brought my brothers and rushed here without stopping!”

“Alright! It’s good that you’re here! He was the one who hit us just now. Teach him a good lesson!”

“If you do a good job, you’ll get a lot of benefits!” Young Master Jiang looked at Qin Yuan fiercely and said to the middle-aged man proudly.

“Yes, sir! Don’t worry, Young Master Jiang! If I don’t chop off one of his legs tonight, I won’t be able to live up to my bad reputation!”

With that, Tu Bao walked straight towards Qin Yuan.

“Brat! Are you courting death? Young Master Jiang, you dare to provoke him?

Are you tired of living?”

“I think you’ve all heard of me!”

Tu Bao looked at Qin Yuan’s fierce expression.

“So he called you guys over! I’ve never heard of Tu Bao before! But I know of a Tu Gou (dog)!”

Qin Yuan did not take these people seriously at all. One had to know that these people were just a group of motley crew! He could easily deal with these dozens of people.

“What a sharp-tongued brat. Looks like you won’t cry until you see the coffin!

Brothers, let’s break one of his legs first!”

“Right! Leave that girl behind and cripple the other two!”

From the moment he came in, his eyes never left Miao Xiaoxiao. Miao Xiaoxiao’s charming appearance and figure instantly aroused the sperm in his body.

As he spoke, Tu Bao instructed his underlings to rush towards Qin Yuan and the others.

“Boss! This is bad. What should we do with so many people? Do you want me to call “Big Brother” Er He to save you?”

Fatty was a little worried when he saw so many people rushing up. These people were all real hooligans. If they started fighting, it would really be dark. “Do you still need to call your old man with just these people?”

“Help me take care of Xiaoxiao. Leave the rest to me! If these people didn’t teach them a lesson, they would really be lawless!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan rushed into the crowd. The early warning radar and fighting techniques in his body were instantly activated. In an instant, Qin Yuan took down more than ten people. These people were just a group of motley crew, nothing in Qin Yuan’s eyes.

Soon, Qin Yuan directly knocked everyone down. They lay on the ground with their arms crossed and wailed bitterly. The dozens of people brought by the Tu Bao had all had their hands broken by Qin Yuan.

The strength of these dozens of people could not even be compared to the soldiers of the logistics company who had not been trained by Qin Yuan back then!

Seeing that the dozens of underlings he had brought were all crippled by Qin Yuan, Tu Bao’s eyes widened as he looked at Qin Yuan in horror. He had never expected Qin Yuan’s strength to be so terrifying.

In just a minute or two, his underlings were all crippled. He did not even have the time to see how Qin Yuan attacked.

At the same time, Young Master Jiang, who was beside Earth Storm, was stunned. His feet trembled as he looked at Qin Yuan, not daring to say anything.

“This … What’s going on?”

“How can this kid be so terrifying? Young Master Jiang, why didn’t you tell me about his strength just now!”

Tu Bao looked at Qin Yuan in horror and complained a little to Young Master Jiang beside him. If he knew that Qin Yuan’s strength was so terrifying, he would not have brought so few people over. No! He didn’t come over directly.

Seeing that his dozens of underlings could only hold on for a few minutes before being crippled by Qin Yuan, he no longer had the intention to fight Qin


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