Legendary Bloodline Collector

Chapter 97 Shelter

For the past month, he spent his time inside the forest without a good shelter.

However with the systems watching out and his three active bloodline souls watching out for him, it made it possible to rest without having to worry about the dangers that lurks at night in the forest.

Well, he did that just to save up for his expenditure but he did not expect that he would have so much money left after going with his expenditure.

Well, since that is settled why not get himself a house to live in.

He could have to come back to this kingdom in the future, at that time he won't have to worry about not being able to get a nice place to rest his head.

Thinking about this made it better than the first option he had which was to spend his time at the inn.

Houses in grained earth kingdom, according to Gabriel are really cheap.

The reason for this is because the kingdom does not have a sect or big places that will make other citizens of the neighbouring kingdom to pay them visits.

Well, as odd as this sound, to Liam it was really good.

Getting a nice place without spending too much money, surely only an insanely rich person or a really insane person will make such decision.

"I can even decide to sell it before I leave if I don't like it." He muttered to himself.

At that moment, his stomach rumbled lightly as his nose caught the aroma of a food that was really delicious, coming out from a nearby food house.

Well, it was expected because he has always been inside the forest trying his best to make so much money and increase his martial arts cultivation.

Fortunately, the grained earth kingdom forest had a large amount of edible fruits and mushrooms that he roasted on the spot and ate, those mushrooms had the taste of roasted snail, and to him that was not bad at all.

He did not visit that food house, instead he walked further and got to another one to get his belle filled and also took with him takeaways that can be preserved in his system inventory.

It will retains it's original temperature and taste even if it spends one month inside.

He left after that, he was going house scouting.

He did that throughout noon and even used a few minutes of the evening time.

He finally got a good house, but the thing was that this one was part of a top selling estate and thus it has at least 5% higher price than that of the normal ones. >

He was allowed to check it out, he walked inside taking a good look at the interiors which was super cool and convenience.

Unfortunately, he did not have a penthouse.

"Ok, I don't really need the penthouse. this one is already good enough.' Liam let out as he made the rightful payments and with that he became a landlord of his own personal space.

The estates was secured, but for Liam who was really an enemy of death he played the song of spirit beast and called out three of his best soldier to stay watch over the house while he was busy inside.

With that, he entered into the bedroom with all the needed stuffs for a cultivator inside.

Unlike normal people, cultivators especially the active once like Liam did not actually spend their time at home.

Instead they spent it on their adventures on the path to gaining more powers, that was it.

They don't really care about their bedroom being Beautiful or not as long as their is a bed, a set of the common furniture and a good space they are okay.

Liam was from earth, and there he usually spent his time moving from one suburb area to another.

He didn't care about the beauty, this house is colored white and the other doesn't have one. but yet they have the same features.

There was a time he rented an apartment with unsightly walls, filled with cobwebs everywhere and even had cracks and threaten to fall.

He was concerned about it, but his money was not enough to repair it or even move out of there. For more chapters, please visit

It was in that same place that he spent his time till his fortunate death.

"Judging with my living standard in the past, I think this one is better." He reflected to himself.

After sometime of getting used to his new house, Liam decided to spend his leisure running through his stuffs.

He took out everything one by one, the sword, the spear and even the materials and ingredients for alchemy.

Most of you might be wondering why the sudden interest in alchemy, the reason is a little weird though.

He discovered from Xavier that his rate of absorption of pills was at least 500% better than others, it was said that he has the same ability as demonic beast like the one the two of them faced earlier that took most of their defeating until they used the exploding pill.

Normally, before the effect of the pill takes place one has to absorb it first.

The higher it's grade the longer it takes to absorb and the stronger one is the faster it becomes for one to absorb high grade pills. >

Well, as a cultivator still at the mortal state, their body absorbing system hasn't underwent any transformation yet and thus it made it really difficult for one to absorb pills.

Liam was built different, but he wasn't distinct from other humans.

As a system user, he was prone to having a lot of advantage that others won't even think of having, it was like a cheat that he used to conquer the path that live gave to him and still he managed to get successful with it, although it was kind of slow paced.

Well, his body in this world was still not up to twelve. his cultivation for instance has become the very best for anyone his age, even those sons and daughters of nobles found it difficult to achieve his cultivation even with the aid of the pills bumped inside them to increase their strength.

Liam held the sword in his hands, the blood aura was moving out of it which only himself could enjoy the sight.

So far, he has never seen anyone using blood elements.

The only person who could use divine flame was no one other than Xavier, his divine flame was the azure flame, a top notch flame for alchemy.

Those elemental powers are considered to be special talents, even those extraordinary abilities, great bloodline were considered as one as well.

For example, Galen has the ability of artwork. bringing paper crafts to live and copying someone's image into his drawing was a really top notch talent.

​ On another part of the special that he has met was his little sister, Julian who has a bloodline that granted her super fast healing, he really envied that bloodline of hers.

Unfortunately, it did not have a soul, disqualifying it from being a bloodline soul and thus it made it really difficult for Liam to take it from her.

Liam held the sword in his hands and twisted it in the air, sending a wave of sharp wind flying around so fast.

He linked his essence with it, sending a wave of his blood elemental essence into it which made the blood magic compatible sword to give off a powerful blood elemental aura that shone across the place.

He was alone, thus he wasn't afraid of getting his magic element known to others .

"Sigh, I have so much advantage in essence but yet i have only one technique that can be used by essence user. all my techniques are either weapon art or martial arts. I really need to get good essence techniques in the future." Liam said.

Getting that was just a minor issue, he was not underestimating the wonderfulness of martial arts, at least for now he was already a fine swordman, has a lot of techniques with short weapons, and now he has gained a spear for himself, a magic one at that.

Liam picked the nice black and red designed spear, it has the same design pattern as the sword.

Nevertheless, what made it really an interesting spear was because it was compatible with blood element as well as the five basic elements.

"Holding the sword and swinging it to gain victory is pretty easy because I started training with it right from age 3, but being my first time holding a spear, I can really feel that naivety in me. we don't match quite well. he he" He chuckled, waving the spear once again but still it was imperfect .

The other end of the spear which was sharp grazed his arm.

Of course such injuries was minor.

"Spear! you will become a really good weapon for this master.'

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