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Chapter 1881: Transfer

Chapter 1881: Transfer

Mitra is strong.          

His battle prowess is unparalleled among his peers and that is one of the main reasons, his brother always tried to suppress him.     

Mitra didn't take long to equalize the floor. The human squad was first surprised by Mitra's presence, but then they were delighted. At the same time, Sam provided the cover with his sniper from the rear.     

So, the field evened out pretty quickly.     

After twenty minutes of hard battle, human squad and Mitra are the only ones standing there. There are a few casualties on human squad side, but it was still great that they managed to earn victory against such a large giant team.     

"Thank you so much. You were or great help."     

The squad leader immediately came to Mitra and expressed his gratitude.     

"We should thank your squad mate too. I heard he was resourceful, but I never knew that he could provide such perfect cover from long range. He might have had more kills than anyone in the squad."     

One of the squad members said as he looked at the giants with no heads.     

Sam took the lion's share of the exploration team.     

"What about the escaped giants? Are we pursuing them?"     

Another squad member raised a question.     

"No, my teammate will take care of it. Don't worry about it. Who knows? He might have already killed them." Mitra said with a smile.     

"That's great. Thanks once again."     

The squad wanted to meet Sam and express gratitude to him too. But Mitra managed to brush them off and disappeared into the forest.     

He met with Sam at a predetermined meeting spot.     

"Did you take care of the giants that were escaping?"     

"No, I let them go."     

Mitra was shocked.     

"Why on earth would you do that? Why would you let them go? They are going to call reinforcements and it wouldn't be a small attack. We took down a whole exploration team. They are going retaliate in kind.     

A lot of human squads in the vicinity will be screwed."     

Sam looked at him with a raised eyebrow and asked.     

"You guys are in war. What the hell do you expect? Anyway, even if the reinforcements come we already know their destination, isn't it a good thing? We can take advantage of them to our heart's content."     

"But it is very risky. Too many people would come and…"     

"Dude, will you relax a bit? More people means more targets. The Giants will be on aggressive and anyway, who said we are going to take most of the heat? There are a bunch of human squads around the area. Why are we going to be the targets when we are the ones who has most mobility.      

We can escape from here any time we want.          

Your peers can't do that."     

Mitra didn't know what to say. He paused and took a deep breath before asking.     

"Don't you think it is too much? All the human squads will be in danger."     

Sam rolled his eyes. It is not something he does usually, but this guy made him do that.     

"Just what are you thinking Mitra? I don't understand. What do you guys expect in a war? Do you not understand the concept of it or are you such an immature brat that has yet to see the ways of the world?     

The final goal of every soldier in this war should be to kill the Giants and send them back packing. What is it with you guys? Mixing all the politics in it?     

The way your squads are operating, it would be months before the war moves any further. The giants are currently in the fear of unknown. They don't understand how we destroyed the Fire and Water Giants.     

They don't understand how we even injured the Commander of the Earth Giants, without even revealing our faces.     

And do you know what people do in fear? They give big reactions for smallest things. They make mistakes in anxiety. That is the best time to act.     

I thought the competition would make your squads go crazy.     

But nope, none of that could be seen.     

All I have seen until now is a bunch of squads trying to keep tabs on each other while keeping tabs on the enemy. While enemy is being on the defensive.     

If we hadn't made use the squad right now, when this squad eventually attacked, there are two other squads ready to take advantage of them.     

This is all fucking bullshit man.     

Just get over it and fight with me. Or you can just go back and stay put. Even if you guys have enough time to play around this when the war is on high tide, I don't. I need to get out of this shit hole as soon as possible."     

Mitra stayed silent as Sam walked away.     

Sam really didn't like this side of Mitra.     

That guy was all in when Sam screwed over two giant tribes by scheming. But once his peers are involved, he is getting all hesitant.     

In a way, he can understand the patriotic behavior that led to that. But still, it is very annoying when it is clear that these don't reciprocate the goodwill Mitra has.     

He is fine with honorable people, but he is not fine with naïve people. Naïve people get others killed.     

Mitra followed Sam silently.     

He is pretty much carefree, the only thing he is serious about is his duty. Even though he played around a lot. Whenever it was time to do his part, he always delivered. To think that he has to use his fellow peers accomplish his tasks is a bit troublesome for him.     

But he followed Sam over and when he was given a tablet that showed the activities of his peers, he felt even more disheartened.     

None of them are making a move.     

Since Sam's activities, the three giant cities are very cautious and defensive. This made them form into very large groups or they wouldn't even come out of the cities. After all, Sam even managed to destroy the city formation.         

They couldn't be more sure about their security.     

Because of this, all humans are now passive without doing anything.     

Now he understood what Sam actually meant.     

He started justifying the situation to himself.     

And just like that the duo moved around and caused conflicts between giants and humans.     

First, they stayed back and waited for the Tree Giants to come. When they discovered the disappearance of the giants, they were a bit hesitant to act. But 'coincidentally' they managed to find the tracks of human squads in three different directions.     

And those tracks indicated a rough number of people that moved in each direction.     

So, they gained some more confidence and motioned  their elites that are capable of moving sneakily.     

They trailed the human squads and after confirming that they are not discovered and estimating the strength of these squads they mobilized the forces to assassinate them.     

Just when they were about to launch a massive sneak attack, they were 'suddenly' discovered.     

The humans always realized in the last minute about the presence of the giants and they started engaging. Of course, humans were obviously on the backfoot because the other party came prepared.     

And to save the day, Mitra appeared while Sam covered from the hidden position.     

Similar things happened in the Wind Giant Tribes territory and the Earth Giant tribe territory.     

The duo moved around flexibly and caused chaos everywhere.     

Meanwhile Sam also kept on calculating the locations of the remaining three hearts.     

In the next week, he managed to not only dig out the three hearts, but he also managed to increase the kill count by hundreds. He killed more than half of the giants that were dead in the last seven days which is a very significant amount.     

"Fucking hell. I have a lot more to do before I could hit the ten thousand target. I wonder if there is a spot where I could farm these guys in a large scale."     

"What? Ten thousand target?"     

Mitra asked as overheard Sam wondering out loud.     

Sam looked at him and said.     

"I have a target, I need to kill ten thousand enemies in total. And two thousand enemies of higher level."     

He looked at Sam with his mouth wide open.     

"What kind of sick freak are you? You want to kill ten thousand people? Who places a target like that?"     

"I do. Get the fuck out of here if you don't like it."     

Mitra just grinned and didn't say anything. His hesitation and high ground only lasted for a few days. He is completely free of that guilt now.         

"Anyway, if you want to have a large number of people, then the next news might be for you. As you asked I gathered the status from the other fronts where Giants are active.     

It seems like the giants are riding a massive wave of luck. The humans are being defeated repeatedly. All their tricks are being revealed and they are all falling into the Giants' traps.     

Since we already did all we could here, the person in charge is asking if we would like to go there."     

"Seems like your brother is acting up again. We stole a lot of credit from everyone. It would be impossible for anyone to surpass us, so they are trying to get rid of us from here to lessen the gap.     

That's cool. Tell them, we will go there. If the giants are that active, then that means I can kill as many as I want."     

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