Rumor Has It That I'm Pregnant with His Highness' Child

Chapter 388 - Chapter 388: Old Acquaintance

Chapter 388: Old Acquaintance

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His attendant suddenly reminded him, “Your Highness, this is not a place to talk. ”

There were still so many eyes watching.

Shen Junzhi suppressed the words on his lips and suggested, “I know there’s a new restaurant in the city. The chef is from Bashu and makes authentic Shu cuisine. Shall I go with you to try it?”

Yu Niaoniao shook her head and refused. “No, I’m waiting for someone. I’m not going anywhere.”

Shen Junzhi asked, “Are you waiting for Xiao Juan?

Yu Niaoniao did not speak, which was equivalent to a tacit agreement.

Shen Junzhi felt very upset.

He whispered, “I still remember that there was a temple fair during the new year. There were many people on the streets, and you and I were separated by the crowd.

“I was anxious and looked everywhere for you. Finally, I found you in front of a sugar figurine stall. I bought you a sugar figurine. In exchange, you agreed to one condition.”

“If you get separated again in the future, you have to stay where you are and wait for me. You will not go anywhere…”

Yu Niaoniao interrupted his memories.

“Wake up. That’s all in the past.”

Shen Junzhi naturally knew that everything was in the past.

But he still couldn’t help but think of those three years. After all, it had been the happiest time he’d had since he was born.

There was no scheme, no conspiracy, no hatred, and no power struggle. He only needed to go to school, study, taste delicacies, and play with Niaoniao every day.

Back then, he did not feel much when he was living that life. However, as time passed and he experienced the coldness of the world and the unfathomable nature of the human heart, he understood how precious those three years were.

How could he bear to give up such precious memories?

“Yo, what are you two whispering about here?”

Yu Niaoniao and Shen Junzhi turned their heads in unison and looked in the direction of the voice. They saw Wei Liao riding over. Wei Liao jumped off the horse and looked between Yu Niaoniao and Shen

Junzhi. His smile became even more ambiguous.

“So the Princess Consort and the Seventh Prince are old acquaintances.” With that, he pretended to cup his hands at Shen Junzhi as a greeting.

With outsiders present, Shen Junzhi could not say anything else. However, his eyes were still on Yu Niaoniao, and there were thousands of words hidden in his gaze.

Yu Niaoniao avoided Shen Junzhi’s gaze and looked at Wei Liao.

“Are you going to the palace?”

Wei Liao casually threw the reins to his follower and replied, “That’s right.”

Yu Niaoniao said, “Can you help me relay a message to Duke Lang after you enter the palace? You just have to tell him that I’ll wait for him here.”

Wei Liao sneered. “Why should I listen to you?!”

Yu Niaoniao took out a painting and a folding fan.

“The painting and folding fan are here. As long as you’re willing to help me, I’ll give them to you.”

Wei Liao laughed in anger. “Are you done? Who do you think I am? Do you really think I can be controlled by you?!”

Yu Niaoniao opened her fan.

The front of the fan was painted with the little mute, and the back was painted with the princess.

Their faces were the same, but their clothes had changed and were different from their appearances in the book.

The little mute was wearing a panda costume. He was a wearing white furry suit with black gloves and boots. He even had a panda hat on his head. Coupled with his fair and tender face and big watery eyes, he could melt one’s heart.

The princess was wearing a tiger-skin short skirt, revealing long, straight legs. Her eyes were emerald green, and her tail hung slightly down behind her. The tip of her tail was slightly raised. She was licking her claws, and her eyes were raised slightly in a wild and seductive smile.

Wei Liao was first hit hard by the little mute’s cute face, then he was hit hard by the princess’s beauty.

He replied quickly as he crazily despised himself for being spineless.

“I’ll help you!”

Yu Niaoniao gave him the painting and folding fan.

Shen Junzhi could not help but ask, “What’s the pattern on that fan? Did you draw it?”

Yu Niaoniao replied casually, “Yes, I drew it.”

Shen Junzhi took out the folding fan he carried with him. “Can you draw one for me too?”

He also wanted to have Niaoniao’s calligraphy treasure and bring it back for collection. In the future, as long as he missed her, he could take out his fan and take a look.

Wei Liao immediately said.

“No! That painting was especially drawn for me. There’s only one in the world. Princess Consort of Lang County, you’re not allowed to draw for others.”

Shen Junzhi frowned slightly, clearly dissatisfied with Wei Liao’s domineering behavior.

Yu Niaoniao said, “Thank you for your kindness, Seventh Prince, but I’m not in the mood to paint recently.”

Seeing that she had rejected the Seventh Prince, Wei Liao immediately felt relieved.

Very good. His folding fan and portrait were still unique.

He put away the fan and portrait and said to Yu Niaoniao.

“Then I’ll get going.”

Then, he cupped his hands at Shen Junzhi and strode into the palace. Shen Junzhi asked, “Are you very familiar with Wei Liao?”

Yu Niaoniao said, “The Seventh Prince has a noble status. He should be very busy. There’s no need for you to stay here and waste time with me.” Shen Junzhi felt very uncomfortable by her indifferent attitude.

He was about to say something else when he saw a eunuch rush out of the palace.

The young eunuch ran all the way to Shen Junzhi and Yu Niaoniao and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Seventh Prince, Princess Consort of Lang County.”

Shen Junzhi recognized this young eunuch as someone close to Empress Wen and asked, “Why are you here?”

The young eunuch said, “I’m under the Empress’s orders to invite the Princess Consort of Lang County to the Fengyi Palace. The Empress has something to tell the Princess Consort of Lang County.”

Shen Junzhi could not help but frown. “What does Mother have to tell the Princess Consort of Lang County?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Although Shen Junzhi did not understand what his mother wanted to do. From his understanding of his mother, since she openly invited her to Fengyi Palace as a guest, it meant that she would not do anything to Yu Niaoniao.

He said to Yu Niaoniao,”Don’t worry. Mother probably just wants to talk to you. I’ll accompany you to the palace.”

Yu Niaoniao did not want to leave this place, but she could not disobey Empress Wen’s order.

She could only bite the bullet and enter the palace.

Shen Junzhi led Yu Niaoniao to the Fengyi Palace.

Empress Wen was not surprised to see Shen Junzhi.

She casually found an excuse to send Shen Junzhi and the others away.

Soon, only Yu Niaoniao and Empress Wen were left in the room.

Empress Wen still looked sickly and pale, but her eyes were brighter than before and her mental state was much better.

She leaned against the chaise longue and asked slowly.

“Are you in such a hurry to see Duke Lang because you’ve made an important discovery and are in a hurry to share it with him?”

She thought Yu Niaoniao would be terrified.

However, Yu Niaoniao looked up and asked in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing, “If I say yes, will you silence me?

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