She's My Sleeping Pill



Usually, he wakes up at 6:00 AM. He would brush his teeth, wash his face and kiss Cayenne's sleeping face before going out of the room. This was the normal routine if he wakes up before the children.

If the children woke up before him, he will have to let Cayenne walk the dog once she wakes up later. Otherwise, like today, he would walk the dog around the property before going back to have his morning coffee.

"Good morning, sir." Martin greeted when he met Stefan on his way to get the dogs.

"Good morning, Martin. Cayenne will have another episode of her vlog later. Did she tell you to pick up her guest along with Cree?"

"Yes, sir. It should be in the afternoon."

"Good. I'll count on you."

Martin nodded his head and Stefan went on his way to the backyard so he could get the dogs.

Clara came out of the staff's home to see Martin and informed him of their daily pre-breakfast food that would get them by while waiting for Clara and the helpers to finish cooking. "I prepared the sandwiches already. You can take turns in getting your coffee and sandwiches."

"Thank, Clara."

Normally, Stefan would jog to the lake and back to the house but this time, he stopped at the stables and played with the horses instead. He let the dogs run free in the meadow and after quarter an hour, he whistled to call them back.

Just before 7:00 AM, he returned back to the house, got himself sanitized with the spray machine, and entered his home. He showered as soon as he got back and changed his clothes. He also prepared Cayenne's clothes for the day.

After making sure he was all set, he went down to prepare his children's milk formula before going to their room.

Stefan took a peek of his children and found that Zeki was wide awake while watching his twin brother sleep. He wasn't making a single sound but when he caught sight of his father, he started kicking and raising his little arms.

"Zi, you're awake already?" Stefan whispered as he picked him up. "How was your sleep?" He asked even though the child couldn't say a word back to him. "I just returned from walking the dog. I'm sure you will like them when you meet them," he continued while walking to the large bed and placed his son there. He removed his diaper, wiped him clean and placed him on another cot with thick blankets on it.

Some parents probably like to make their children wear a diaper all the time since it would save them the trouble in case the child would poop or pee. However, Stefan wasn't like that. At least, in the morning, before taking them out, he would let them feel free from the annoying diapers. It doesn't matter to him if they would poop or pee on him. "Clothes can be washed anytime," he commented this to Luiz one time when Aziel peed on him.

While waiting for Aziel and Jahzara to wake up, he fed Zeki with his milk formula. He talked to him in hush whispers as if they were sharing a secret.

By the time Cayenne woke up, Stefan also finished feeding the children. Since it was Wednesday and Stefan had to leave for work, Cayenne cooked him a hearty meal for breakfast. Otherwise, if it was weekend, Clara would be cooking for them.

Most of the time, Stefan would leave around 9:00 AM for work and instead of returning home for lunch, Cayenne would only ask one of the bodyguards to bring newly cooked food to Stefan.

During the time he was gone, Cayenne would be responsible for the children with the help of Latticia and Dr. Albert.

This was the main reason why Stefan decided to go back to work in the office. He wanted his mother to spend time with Cayenne and her grandchildren.

Since Cayenne finished her studies already, she has more time for her children, her charity foundation, and her YT vlog.

Stefan made things even easier for his wife. Instead of her visiting to the location where her next guest lives, Callum and Cree would go the place with Zaire and do a mini-interview with that person to gather facts and more information. Once it was time for the guest to meet Cayenne, Martin will pick up the guest along with Cree or Callum, whoever was free to accompany him. The vlog will be done in the living room of Cayenne's mansion. It saves her time and won't get her tired.

He wasn't worries about his home security because his house was full of cameras. You will only bring shame to yourself if you would do something wrong in his property.

During his wife's film for the vlog, Stefan would also monitor her safety through the cameras in his home. Call him overprotective and obsess, he wouldn't care. Cayenne loves this side of him anyway.

In the past, before meeting his wife, Stefan would work overtime almost everyday, except on the days that he likes to piss his father off where he bring different women to hotels after paying them to act with him. After meeting his wife, he would make sure to come home to have dinner with her. Then, he married her and he made it a habit to clock off from work before 5 o'clock. Now, that they have children, at 3:00 PM, Stefan would be leaving the office already. Of course, he would bring some work with him.

In the evening, after dinner, Stefan would be staying with the children. You would probably think he was reading them a story to sleep, right? Unfortunately, no. On the bed, the children were blinking their eyes at their father, probably confused why he was reading them a financial or other times, an economic magazine.

Among the three, Zeki was listening to his father's words, Aziel was flexible enough to bite his own toes, and Jahzara, after 5 minutes, was brave enough to turn her attention away from him. She wasn't interested.

Cayenne was standing at the door quietly and she could only massage her temple for her poor kids.

Once the children fall asleep, it was time for mom and dad to have quality time. Now, it was Stefan who was a little unfortunate in this area. Since Cayenne went through C-section when giving birth, he was afraid that she would get hurt if they would do something strenuous. He wanted to wait for a whole year before doing it with her. For now, he'll settle with her mouth, hands and chest.

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