The Alpha's Bride

Chapter 1043: Alpha Violet (4)

Chapter 1043: Alpha Violet (4)

Ashton stared at Violet, his eyes filled with emotions.         

He couldn't believe she thought he was avoiding her of his choice! She thought he was rejecting her, and it was killing him from the inside.     

"Do you think I didn't want to come sooner? I was stuck in Florida, chasing a rogue that was different." With abilities that a werewolf shouldn't have. It was not the first hybrid Ashton fought against, but this one was stronger, smarter, and more vicious than the others. "I counted weeks, days, hours, minutes to your adulthood, but shit happened." Ashton was gravely injured and nearly died. The thought of seeing Violet was the only thing keeping him alive. He didn't want to say all that and spoil the mood. "I had to finish the job, otherwise I wouldn't be able to face famous Alpha Violet as her equal."     

Violet could sense that Ashton was hiding something.     

"You were chasing rogues?" Or was he chasing women?     

"I would assume that reports of my activities reached you," Ashton responded. "Or were my deeds not worthy of you?"     

"If I knew you were doing it for me, I would pay more attention."     

"Six years, Vi."     

She didn't get it. "What?"     

"I am waiting for you to grow up for six years. My wolf nearly went feral, more than once. The only thing keeping me sane was killing rogues and counting the days until I could see you."     

Violet eyed his muscular body and she couldn't miss the numerous tattoos. If he didn't care about women, why did he decorate his flesh with all that ink?      

She turned away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm sure you did something else to keep you sane."     


Her hair rose when she felt his breath at the back of her head and the heat increasing behind her told her he was impossibly close.     

"Women," she said in a small voice.     

"What women?"     

Violet shrugged. "The ones that kept you company when you felt lonely and…" Horny.     

"There were no women, Vi."     

She whipped her head to look at him suspiciously. "Not even one?"     

He thought for a moment. "About two years ago, I was deep in the mountains, and I hunted a goat. Her fighting spirit reminded me of you, and I contemplated if I should fuck her or eat her."     

Violet's eyes widened. Somehow, Ashton being intimate with a goat was worse than if he bedded ten women at once. Or was it? "What did you do?"     

"I was more hungry than horny."     

Violet didn't think it was funny. "Are you messing with me? You can't tell me you were living like a monk in the mountains without getting in contact with females. You had to visit human towns, or should I believe that those tattoos are natural?"     

He looked at himself. Those tattoos were embedded with witches' magic to boost his connection with nature and enhance his body. It was painful like hell and his wolf nearly perished during the last phase of chants. Who could think about getting frisky with women when his body was writhing in agony?  Ashton hated every minute of it, but it was necessary if he was to survive numerous clashes against the rogues everyone called hybrids, the new species created in the lab by humans who were combining werewolves with things that gave them abilities. Not every experiment was successful, some created abominations, but Ashton didn't want to talk about it, not now.     

Only a few people at the top knew about hybrids and Ashton was aware that Damon and Talia kept this information from Violet because they wanted her to grow up carefree as long as possible. Now that he returned, ready to take the role of Violet's mate, it was Ashton's duty to keep protecting her and not break that innocent kindness that was oozing out of her.     

"Vi, I am waiting for six torturous years. I need an answer now. Do you accept me as your mate?"         

Did she accept him? What kind of a question was that?     

Violet knew Ashton from the day she was born. He was always there to support her and teach her things, he was the person she could rely on. She didn't see him for the last five years, but the connection was there. Ashton was her other half, the piece she was missing to be complete. How could she say no to that?     

Violet spread her arms and threw herself at him.     

They both groaned at the shock of sparks that prickled wherever their bodies touched, and that was a lot of surface because they were naked.     

"Vi," Ashton called with difficulty. "How many times do I need to tell you to not throw yourself at males?"     

"You are not just any male. You are my mate."     

Ashton's eyes clouded with lust, but he pushed that back. He needed to stay in control for just a bit longer. "Are you saying that you accept me?"     

A million butterflies exploded in her stomach, making her queasy. "Yes, Ash. I can respond to the question you asked me five years ago." She licked her lips nervously. "I am willing to give myself to you."     

"Only me."     

"Yes, yes!" Violet confirmed. Why were they still talking? Was he hoping she will change her mind?     

"Ahh!" Violet cried when Ashton picked her up into his arms without any warning.     

He smirked smugly, enjoying her flustered expression. "Hold on tight."     

Violet had no idea what to expect, and her breath got caught in her throat when he started running. The scenery around them turned into blurs and she could feel the air becoming colder due to the speed he achieved.     

Violet gripped Ashton's shoulders and observed his face that tightened due to his attention on the road to wherever he was taking her. Violet knew they were moving away from the Dark Howlers pack, and she didn't care about the details because she was with her mate. Finally.     

She thought that it was silly how for years she was wondering who her mate would be, yet she knew him since birth. That was one of the reasons why she was able to relax and let him take the lead. Over the years, Ashton proved himself as reliable and he did everything with utmost care. Actually, whenever she was imagining her mate, she would think along the lines, 'I wish he had this-and-this like Ash…'     

Violet ended up staring into his usually hazel eyes which had an otherworldly purplish-blue hue that glowed in the dark. She never saw anything like it, and she wondered how many more secrets Ashton was keeping for her to uncover.     

Ashton knew Violet was watching him and he could feel her approval, adoration, and curiosity. He focused mightily on his surrounding because one slip-up might end up with them splatted against a tree and that would leave a horrible first impression. It was silly to think about this as a first impression because they knew each other for a long time, but Ashton was aware that this was the first time for Violet to look at him as a man. It was important and it was making him extra horny.     

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