The Strongest War God

Chapter 276  King of the West, Joshua Mandor!

276  King of the West, Joshua Mandor!

The entire place was silent.

Hatcher Murphy's eyes widened in shock.

Sammy Dudley's mouth twitched. To be honest, he was from the northern army and had never seen the commander of the northern army's ninth legion.

The last three regimental commanders were all more mysterious than the last.

Luther Carden and the others would normally not talk about them.

The people below did not know either!

Joshua Mandor had handsome facial features; his face was as sharp as a knife, and his eyebrows were slightly raised. He was like a golden knife as he glanced over. "Why? Do you think I'm not like family?"

"This subordinate does not dare!"

Sammy lowered his head.

"Hatcher Murphy greets the commander of the ninth legion!"

"My alias is Korbin Scamander. When I was in the northern army, the two of you were just ordinary soldiers!"

Joshua said softly.

The first eight of the ten ruthless men of the northern army had already appeared.

Now that the ninth, Joshua Mandor, had personally arrived at the Neal family manor, he definitely had something important to discuss with Braydon Neal.

"Hatcher, you can lead your troops back to the Central Plains main team."

"Yes, sir!"

Hatcher knew what to do.

The things he knew today were bound to be carried with him to his grave.

He turned around and left. Sammy and the others all left.

Only Joshua and Braydon were left in the entire bright hall.

However, outside, just as Hatcher came out, a guard in black stepped forward and said in a low voice, "Captain, just now when we were patrolling outside the Neal family manor, we found two martial artists. They seem to be from the dark division."

"Kill them!"

Hatcher was as cold and heartless as ever.

The order to kill was clearly to erase all traces of Joshua coming to the Neal family manor.

Joshua was the commander of the ninth legion of the northern army.

This was the core secret of the northern army!

The people who saw him today were all from the northern army, so they would not leak the secret.

Furthermore, since Joshua had appeared publicly, and Braydon did not hide it from Sammy and Hatcher.

Instead of hiding it, it was better to tell them.

If that was the case, Sammy and Hatcher would know how to handle this matter.

He erased all traces and prevented any information from leaking out.

The two members of the dark division would disappear from the world.

This was how the imperial guards of the Central Plains handled matters.

Before Hatcher left, he turned around and said, "Big Brother Sammy, I'll leave 1,000 imperial guards here. If the commander doesn't like them, you can just let them return to the Central Plains main team."


Sammy watched them leave.

The remaining 1,000 imperial guards of the Central Plains were replaced by the Neal family's security guards, who were responsible for the safety of the entire manor.

Doing so could save Sammy and the others a portion of their energy.

After all, the Neal family manor was not small. It was impossible to look after everything with just Sammy and Old Man Zito.

Now that there were a thousand imperial guards of the Central Plains, everything would be much easier to handle!

Any one of them could easily defeat Logan Hall and Joseph Thomas with a single strike.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about their strength.

In the bright hall.

"Brother, why didn't you leave Preston after receiving my warning?" Joshua asked softly.

"I was waiting for you to come and explain yourself."

Braydon's fingers moved slightly, and a teacup flew out from his hand and landed steadily in the hands of the Neal family's servant who was fifteen meters away from the door.

This was a warning!

He did not want these servants to step into the bright hall.

He did not need to come over to serve tea!

Joshua did not care about these trivial matters and shrugged helplessly. "I knew that I had to explain this matter to you personally. The mobilization of the western army was in accordance with the national order!"

Under the order, the seven armies including the northern army had to listen to it.

The western army was no exception.

The country's orders were like mountains, and all the ministries had to listen to them.

If they did not listen to the orders, they would be a rebel!

"Who gave the order?" Braydon asked calmly.

"You should know that the order comes from the Central Bureau!" Joshua looked helpless.

The nine departments and twenty-four divisions of the three armies were all set up in the capital.

Each had their own duties!

The order sent out by the Central Bureau was the national order.

This was common sense.

Joshua did not know where this transfer order came from.

Otherwise, he would definitely tell Braydon.

Braydon did not ask further. Instead, he chuckled. "Tell me, why did you send me a warning through the Central Plains main team?"

"Because the western army under my command has been mobilized!"

Joshua looked helpless.

The moment he received the transfer order, he led the western army to defend Ludwig. He guessed that the intention was not to guard against the three countries outside Ludwig, but to target the northern army.

If the northern army went south, his western army would definitely be ordered to stop the northern army.

At that time Braydon would be alone in Preston.

The situation was extremely dangerous!

Joshua was guarding against the experts of the powerful and aristocratic families. If they were to take the chance to attack, Braydon would be alone in Preston.

The northern army and the western army would be put in a stalemate.

Without the intimidation of the northern army, in the eyes of the old antiques of the powerful families, the Northern King was a sick tiger that had lost its fangs and could be eliminated.

Therefore, Joshua and Westley Hader were both shocked and furious when the western army was mobilized.

They believed that the aristocratic and powerful families in the country wanted to make a move against Braydon.

Braydon smiled faintly. "Your western army is in Ludwig. If someone orders you to go north and stop the northern army from going south, what will you do?"

"I won't do it!"

Joshua's face darkened.

This was clearly a trap for the western army.

Once the one million elites of the northern army formed a southward momentum, it would be a disaster for the western army if they wanted to stop them!

Although the western army soldiers were brave and good at fighting, Joshua was the hidden commander of the ninth legion of the northern army.

Joshua knew better than anyone else about the strength of the northern army.

The 300,000 western army soldiers would definitely be killed by the northern army.

The difference in their foundations was too great.

There were too many secrets hidden in the north.

None of the ten legions were weak!

To the people outside, the strength of the northern army that you see is what the northern region wants you to see.

Outsiders were completely unaware of its true strength!

Cole Colbie controlled the imperial guards of the northern army, Luther Carden controlled the north's hidden agents, Yuri Qualls controlled the northern school of martial arts, and so on.

The ten ruthless men of the northern army controlled the legions openly, but they hold great force in secret.

One would not dare guess the background of the northern army!

It was unimaginable!

What one saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

Just like Joshua, the word Ninth Nether, known as the King of the West.

This ruthless man had been set up by Braydon as a hidden agent. He was in charge of the western army and the ninth legion in the north, but he was actually the commander of the north's Nine Nether Troop.

Among the top ten ruthless men of the northern army, the last three had a higher level of confidentiality, which meant that they were more terrifying than the last.

"If the old things of the powerful families target you," Joshua said in a grave tone, "I will break through the heavens and sweep across the Central Plains for three thousand miles."

This was the purpose of Joshua's trip.

He wanted to greet his big brother, Braydon.

The strength of the western army had been hidden for many years. Now that it had been discovered, Joshua ignored the probing of the various powerful families.

However, those old fogies like Zed Sattler dared to join forces against Braydon.

Joshua dared to lead the western army to swarm Mount Nubis and kill them!

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