Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Chapter 214 - Chapter 214: Trust Brother

Chapter 214: Trust Brother

“Overboard?” Lin Yin muttered. Then, her eyes instantly became sharp. She pinched Su Fei’s cheeks with her right hand and said coldly, “No matter how overboard I am, is it as overboard as you? You’ve asked people to bully me several times and even tried to drug me. Su Fei, in terms of viciousness, I can’t compare to you.”

Su Fei’s face hurt badly. She raised her hand to slap Lin Yin. Lin Yin quickly grabbed Su Fei’s hand and slapped her face with her other hand.

When Su Lin, who was outside the room, heard the slap, he immediately rushed in. His heart ached as he helped Su Fei up from the ground and glared at Lin Yin fiercely. “Lin Yin, you actually dare to hit Su Fei.”

Lin Yin smiled. “Why wouldn’t I dare? I clearly helped the two of you get together, but she still hit me. This is repaying kindness with ingratitude. Those who don’t know might think that she’s dissatisfied with me matchmaking the two of you. Then does this mean that she doesn’t have you in her heart?”

Su Fei quickly covered her face and leaned into Su Lin’s arms. She sobbed and said, “Brother, don’t listen to Lin Yin’s nonsense.”

When Su Lin heard Su Fei’s soft voice, he trusted her even more unconditionally. He was so good to Su Fei, so how could Su Fei not have him in her heart?

Su Lin picked Su Fei up and warned Lin Yin, “This time, on account of you clearing our names, I’ll let you off. The next time I see you bullying Su Fei, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Lin Yin sneered. “Alright, I’ll see if you won’t show mercy or if I won’t.”

Su Lin was rendered speechless by Lin Yin and left with Su Fei.

Lin Yin picked up a bottle of perfume and sprayed it where the two of them had been standing just now. The smell of this adulterous couple made her feel disgusted.

Su Lin carried Su Fei back to Su Fei’s room and said gently, “You’re injured.

Don’t run around. If you have anything you want to do in the future, tell Brother. Brother will help you.”

Su Lin gently stroked Su Fei’s red face, feeling terrible.

Su Fei sneered coldly in her heart. If not for Su Lin not being able to control himself and kissing her back then, would she have been mocked and ridiculed by others like this?

This damn id*ot who thought with his bottom half, it’s all his fault.

However, Su Fei now knew that the only person she could rely on now was Su Lin, so she did not dare to express her true emotions.

Su Fei rubbed her burning face against Su Lin’s palm and said gently, “I’m fine, Brother. My life is like duckweed to begin with. It’s only right for me to be despised. As long as Brother doesn’t despise me and can protect me, I’ll be the happiest in the world.”

Su Lin’s heart ached when he heard Su Fei’s self-deprecating words. “Nonsense. Brother won’t let anyone degrade you. Feifei believe me. I will work hard in the future and make you the happiest girl in the world.”

An obedient expression appeared on Su Fei’s face. She took the initiative to lean into Su Lin’s arms and snuggled gently. “Okay, I believe in Brother. I’ve always believed in Brother.”

Su Lin held Su Fei’s face up sympathetically and gently kissed the girl he loved.

Su Fei cooperated with Su Lin’s actions and occasionally let out a few seductive moans, like she was aroused. However, her eyes never closed. She looked coldly at the man who was kissing her with his eyes closed.

Su Lin’s appearance was not too bad. But he was just a trashy man who could not even defeat Lin Yin. What was the use? Just like that crippled Zheng Chao, he was trash.

She, Su Fei, should not be worthy of trash. She should be worthy of better prodigies.

But all of this had been ruined by Lin Yin. Even the man in front of her who coveted her and said that he loved her had become an accomplice in helping Lin Yin harm her.

The two of them kissed for a while before Su Lin let go of Su Fei, who was panting.

Su Fei’s face was red as she gently punched Su Lin’s chest with her pink fists. She said angrily, “Brother, you’re so bad. Feifei almost can’t breathe.”

Su Lin pinched the shy Su Fei with a satisfied expression. “Then do you like

Brother being bad?”

Su Fei turned her head slightly. “I don’t like it. Brother is too powerful. Feifei will be afraid.”

Su Fei’s words were like feathers that always tugged at his heart. Su Lin panted heavily and said, “Brother has something more powerful. However, Feifei, you’re still injured. Brother will let you off today..”

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